StrataPASS allows you to centralize your identity and access management securely in the cloud.

FOR STUDENTS… No more multiple logins to access the tools and information you need from different applications. Just login once, and access to all authorized systems at will.

FOR SCHOOLS… StrataPASS is your single control center to manage all SSO requirements across all campus applications. Just concentrate on your institutional SSO policy setting, not bound by any particular suite’s integration solution, and let StrataPASS takes care of the rest.

“StrataPASS lets you manage all your institution’s integration needs across all systems, securely, effectively, and easily from the cloud.”

– Anthony Ma, CEO

StrataPASS, encompassing all major integration standards, enables institutions to maintain a steady, secure, congruent and relevant access experience for all constituents.



Enter login credentials once, access to all web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via smartphones, tablets and desktops.


Grant or block access to certain applications, based on user’s generic attributes or individual identification.


Provides multiple authentication mechanisms, such as two-way code and device verifications, to prevent password-only access to your institution’s data.


Offers real-time reports on login activity, application utilization, time stamps and more for intelligence of potential security incidents or usage pattern.


  • Master the intricate integration process without the underlying technical skills
  • Fulfill integrations from your institution’s perspective, not through any particular product suite
  • Integrate through SAML, Shibboleth, CAS, LTI or legacy APIs, using AD/LDAP.


No technical skills required
Easy to scale-up - cost efficient
Increased productivity
Enhanced security
Works with existing AD/LDAP
Support 24/7

Facilitate user’s single sign-on to relevant campus applications with ease

StrataPASS is:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Cost Efficient

Seeing is Believing:
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