Campuscruiser develops a custom implementation plan per the college’s unique operational objectives, academic culture, and strategic goals.

Create & Set up

Customize & Launch

Manage & Maintain

Your cloud consultants

Consultants are experienced Campuscruiser administrators and project managers who work with your institution’s leadership, key decision makers and implementation team to ensure the portal’s best adoption success.


An Implementation Consultant works with the college’s team to configure their portal as outlined by the plan.


The college’s portal implementation is then tested to ensure software and configuration accuracy.


Final customer sign-off marks the completion of the implementation project after successful delivery of the solution.


Help 24/7

CampusCruiser provides 24/7/365 support by phone, e-mail and our Tracker system (included ticket system allowing our clients to track the status of their support requests)

Other Support offerings include: Software Maintenance – including software upgrades, maintenance releases, and Advanced Cruiser Education (ACE) Sessions. Our ACE Sessions give system administrators the ability to learn new features, bug fixes, and enhancements prior to each major software release.

Online Support – 24 x 7 x 365 online access to information including video-tutorials, FAQs, product documentation, technical bulletins, newsletters, service request submissions (via Tracker Ticket System) and updates for CampusCruiser Administrators.

CampusCruiser’s Customer Advocates – Your own go-to person for single-point-of-contact assistance.

Online communities available to Faculty & Students (separate communities) for help from colleagues, peers and the CampusCruiser Support and Technical teams.


We offer complimentary webinars to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments as well as providing tutorials into how best to use our tools. The webinars are categorized showing multiple tracks to meet your needs based on the CampusCruiser products your school is using.

“StrataGO provides relevant information to students directly from administrators, so that users can act right away.”

– Anthony Ma, CEO

Schools need to keep students current on important information. StrataGO makes the follow-up process intuitive.



Deliver messages and alerts directly to users’ mobile devices.


Broadcast important information to both a wide audience and targeted users.


Publish events in multiple calendars with the capability to incorporate external sources through iCal and Cal Dev.


Link users to essential resources such as LMS, ERP, and third party programs.


Create full webpages for important resources on your campus.


Build up locations, categorize by group, and display on an interactive map.


Find all relevant pages, notifications, events, links, and headlines related to a topic.


Retrieve, display, and export user statistics and tracking information including:

  • visits over time
  • searches
  • communication reach


  • SSO (single sign on)
  • 3rd party Integrations
  • Standard support
  • Antivirus protection


Extremely simple to set up
Quickly and easily create new content
Painless for students to navigate
Smart and intuitive UI
Uncomplicated cloud solution, no maintenance required
Easy mobile access

An Extraordinarily Valuable Tool

StrataGO is:

  • Simple
  • Mobile
  • Low Maintenance

Seeing is Believing:
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