Designed by faculty for faculty — so they can spend their time teaching students, not wrestling technology.

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Knosys is an interactive classroom in the cloud where it’s easy for instructors to teach like the experts they are.

It supports multiple teaching pedagogies designed to drive student success. Online classroom tools are designed to make faculty and students feel as confident online as they do on campus.

Teachers know what teachers like. That’s why we continue to enhance the LMS with ideas and feedback from everyday higher ed professors presently using the online tools in their live classrooms.”  

– Anthony Ma, CEO

Knosys offers flexibility, assistance, and ease of use to get educators set up in their online classroom, with their unique content - regardless of their teaching style.



Your online classroom is accessible on any mobile device, any size. The Responsive Web Design (RWD) Interface will adjust the display to fit your classroom into your device’s screen. You can go to class from anywhere, anytime.


  • Use one of the set-up modes to get help understanding classroom tools and prep class content
  • Manage class tools, content, and settings in one place
  • Get help with online tool tutorials, user community forums, and custom links to important campus resources


  • Meet students where they are with text reminders, journal posts, and targeted announcements
  • Discuss course goals and subject modules in class blogs, Q & A forums, and group discussions
  • Share important information and due dates with students in the syllabus template, class calendar, and synchronous chat room


  • Build, edit, and organize content and view student progress from the same place
  • Personalize learning with conditional release and completion requirement features
  • Integrate class content, campus resources, and external web pages seamlessly


  • Personalize settings and display options for both faculty and student views
  • Speed grade assignments right in the grade table
    Grade and use rubrics online for student submissions, no need to download
  • Complete action items with a single click, such as: student comments, extra credit, student details, and instructor


  • Get a holistic view of student stats with raw data and graphs in relation to online tool usage, classroom participation, and graded assignments
  • Expand student details for granular views of assignments, categories, and weights data


Your online faculty office allows you to manage all your classes at once. Customizing it with your favorite tools and tasks allows you to work efficiently by completing daily tasks, such as posting announcements, uploading files, and grading assignments in multiple classes all from one place, at one time. No need to click in and out of every class, every tool, or every assignment


    Another thing that makes Knosys great is having great friends. With integrations like SIS (WebAdvisorTM, Self-service), plagiarism checkers (TurnitinTM), e-Portfolios, LTI, and more, the LMS integrates all our friends in use on your campus and brings them right to your students through single sign-on access


Personalized learning
Interactive collaboration
Engaged students
Less time on class prep More time with students
Technology know-how not required
Single sign-on to campus programs and services
Faculty & student user communities
Student retention
Easy mobile access

An online classroom in the cloud
that feels like you’re on campus

Knosys is:

  • Interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

Seeing is Believing:
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