Campuscruiser develops a custom implementation plan per the college’s unique operational objectives, academic culture, and strategic goals.

Create & Set up

Customize & Launch

Manage & Maintain

Your cloud consultants

Consultants are experienced Campuscruiser administrators and project managers who work with your institution’s leadership, key decision makers and implementation team to ensure the portal’s best adoption success.

An Implementation Consultant works with the college’s team to configure their portal as outlined by the plan.

The college’s portal implementation is then tested to ensure software and configuration accuracy.

Final customer sign-off marks the completion of the implementation project after successful delivery of the solution.

  • Set up the client for success with their STRATA product
  • Orient the implementation team
  • Set expectations and steps client will be taking to ensure a positive experience
  • Work with client to build their STRATA product including school branding
  • Emphasize multiple communication options to keep all constituents informed and involved.
  • Convey best practices
  • Project Services
  • Managed Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Professional Development Services
Hand on Mouse Computer
Person helping
  • Strategy, Project mapping/planning
  • Success markers/objectives for the project
  • Owners/teams and timelines for deliverables
  • Discuss integration
  • Marketing
  • Content management
  • Customization
  • Community, etc
  • Transition planning
  • Portal Setup Request form
  • “Go-live” date
  • Training


Guided Product Training
Connect to ERP and set up SSO
User and Content creation
Create Help-desk for end-users
Launch event to get campus buy-in
Learn how to support campus users

GOAL: To quickly setup a site with default settings and start putting up content to showcase its capability.



  • Basic Overview and Training
  • Populate (initial accounts)
  • Apply Branding
  • Create Links, Announcements, Events, Web Pages
  • Select Layout & Apply Channels
  • Add System Headlines
  • Set up Mobile App Access
  • Review Best Practices & Use Cases


  • Discuss Objectives & Goals
  • Review specific Use Cases
  • Customize
  • Link Graphics
  • Advanced Content Publishing
  • SSO – ERP – Other Integrations
  • Full Account creation
  • Roles & Groups
  • Plan Marketing for Launch


  • Best Practices for Managing & Maintaining
  • Supporting Campus Users
  • Support from CampusCruiser
  • Getting Feedback from Users
  • Discuss Monitoring Usage to feed Updates & Adjustments