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Client success is our #1 priority. We let our customers drive the direction of our product development so we can provide the most efficient, user-focused features and services around. Our Client Advocate Program (CAP) is one of the ways we stay in touch with customers. Members from our Professional Services Division engage in client-scheduled meetings for a campus health check– not only to ensure all is well with the solution, but to gather information from the client and discuss the direction of their users’ needs. Additionally, a team of engineers spend time each week working directly with clients on special projects, betas, and new feature ideas for future development.

HELP 24/7
  • Customer Support – 24/ 7 /365 by phone, e-mail, and Tracker—a unique ticket system that allows our clients to track the progress and status of their support requests.
  • Software Maintenance – includes software upgrades, maintenance releases, and Advanced Cruiser Education (ACE) training. Our ACE sessions give system administrators the ability to learn about new features, bug fixes, and enhancements prior to each major software release.
  • Online Support – 24/ 7 /365 online access to information including video tutorials, FAQs, product documentation, technical bulletins, newsletters, service request submissions (via Tracker Ticket System) and updates for Campuscruiser administrators.
  • Customer Advocate Program – provides an internal advocate for every client. All customers get their own go-to person for single and direct point-of-contact assistance.
  • Online Communities – user communities for faculty and students offer collaboration with peers and colleagues as well as with members of Campuscruiser’s Support and Technical teams.
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An easy-to-use Tracker Ticket System provides clients with direct access to our support team 24/7. Tracker helps clients keep tabs on their important requests, tool enhancements, and questions; it includes features such as Watch List, Filters, and Lookup, so it’s easy to use. Tracker’s Release Notes keep clients informed about upcoming changes, recent updates, newest features, and product advancements. Clients can initiate tickets for a variety of tasks:

  • Request enhancements to improve our products
  • Ask questions to expand understanding of features
  • Request support for special projects
  • Report, troubleshoot, and prioritize issues
Training & Tutorials
  • Complimentary Webinars keep our clients up to date with the latest features and developments. Webinars are organized in Tracks so students, faculty, and administrators can attend sessions that best meet specific needs for different tools and products being used at their school.
  • User Tutorials are enthusiastically provided by Campuscruiser Subject Matter Experts- both live and recorded. Tutorials include tool tips and best practices as well as interactive Q & A sessions.
  • QuickLook Guides are context sensitive and are available when users need a quick reference to the functions and best practices of the tool they are using.
  • How Do I (HDI) Guides provide step-by-step documentation of how tools work.
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User Communities
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Dedicated to our clients world-wide, Cruiser Central is home to online communities that allow faculty, staff, and students to interact both academically and socially. Here, they can connect with peers, view tutorials, ask questions, or get answers. There’s a diverse selection of communities to join. These online learning communities allow all users to connect with other STRATA and Campuscruiser educators, students, and communities, to find best practices, and to share ideas.


An online admin office for campus administrators where important information is updated regularly, namely: announcements about tool enhancements, product release dates, and new resources. Here, system admin can:

  • Get important resources and updates
  • Collaborate with colleagues from other schools and Campuscruiser’s Professional Services team
  • Download help documentation for distribution to faculty, staff, or students on campus
  • View and share recordings of webinars, feature videos, and tutorials
  • Communicate with admin in other schools in discussion forums on a variety of topics
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A community hub for faculty at Campuscruiser and STRATA schools in which instructors can find useful resources, share blogs, and learn more about tools and products, such as:

  • Blogs—share tips and best practices on a variety of academic and social topics.
  • Webinars—demonstrate new tools and product use.
  • Discussion Forums—talk about teaching tools and tips with colleagues and peers from different schools.

A community hub for students where they can connect with peers and interact with instructors. Here, students can find academic resources, network on social topics, and collaborate with students in other Campuscruiser and STRATA schools. Students will find things like:

  • How Do I? (HDI)  resources — provides tips and tutorials to personalize your academic experience.
  • Useful Links – links to best practices on how to make the most of the tools and features in your college experience.
  • New Feature Updates – announces recent news about the new features in the portal and online classroom.
  • Blogs – allows students to start and host a blog—great place to socialize or spark a conversation, or an idea for a new club.
  • Surveys – students can ask questions and gather data from users all over the world in other Campuscruiser and STRATA schools, then use the information for their next research project.
Customization Services

Sometimes customers require something custom-made for their current campus services. When clients just can’t find the right product or feature to integrate into their existing set-up, we’re happy to create custom solutions to meet unique requirements. The members of Professional Services and engineers in Research & Development spend time together each week working directly with clients on special projects, betas, and new feature ideas for future development, because client success is our #1 priority.