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What is STRATA?

STRATA is your campus collaboration engine.

The platform brings together your entire community from users to organizations; integrated tools and content. All in a way that's easy to understand and actually use!

STRATA's personalized dashboards and channels guarantee you see the information relevant to you. This means you'll never miss a class announcement or an HR blast about health coverage updates.

With a customizable org chart and flexible community types, STRATA makes navigation a breeze and empowers campus users to manage their own organizations bringing relief to beleaguered IT offices.

Strata is what an intranet always should have been, a secure virtual space to fulfill the mission and practice of higher education.



"I see the requirement, but how do I meet it?"
Stop Wasting resources on duplicated efforts.
Strata connects your students not just to the information they need but the tools to complete the requirements set out for them. Using a variety of communication tools, Information is targeted to and is tailored in presentation to each student. Once informed, students can use Strata to submit required documents or responses; then track those requirements progress until completed. All without the need for endless email reply chains and forwarding.
"That's the third call today about that"
Limit distractions to the classroom
Keep your educators on track with easy-to-organize support functions. Customizable for each person, Strata lets educators have the information they need to find and the information they need to send at the ready. Our Cloud based infrastructure means information is updated in real time across all platforms.
"How can I assist anyone if I’m not in the office ?"
Serve your students 24/7
Community Hubs are your answer to closing hours. Any office, department or organization can be represented as a Hub on Strata, reflecting your team’s expertise and assisting your school in ways you simply couldn’t with Internet pages of yesteryears. Create and shape the service center you’ve always wanted.


Multi platform ready!
Mobile device ready!
We get it. You're on the go, and you need reliable access to your campus, your classes, your people, and well, your everything... right? Easy! Log in with your mobile device and there you are! Just like being on campus! No technology know-how necessary. And, no apps to install or upgrades to download.


Get started with Strata today for as little as purchasing your campus lunch!

Our straightforward FTE pricing plans make it easy for you to use our products across your entire campus. Choose the plan that matches your needs and works best for your school.

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