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What is Knosys?

Knosys is a learning management system designed to bring life to your own education mission. With full customization and communication tools at your fingertips you can tailor your Knosys to your class instead of the other way around.

A complete teaching, learning and classroom solution. Turn any cluttered process into a lean, efficient and organized training experience. Once you create an online course, it is easy to adapt and update, so the same material can be used repeatedly over time. Share processes across different disciplines so you can use your class time more productively.



"I don't have time and resources to train all my faculty."
Let My Assistant help your faculty make teaching easy and fun.
My Assistant is the faculty’s help tool. Set-up Modes help instructors figure out the best way to set up their online class environment, and provide a center command where they can manage class tools, adjust settings, and access customized Help resources.
"How can I rework this material"
Online classroom tools are highly configurable
Knosys tools and features allow each instructor to personalize class environments and content to support unique teaching styles or current pedagogical trends. Editing/authoring tools, conditional/selective release features, and multi-media integration provides a variety of ways to structure learning.
"I feel like i’m getting left behind!"
Make sure each student is engaged
Personalized learning environments incorporate important announcements, class content, and integrated services, and make it easy for students to engage and complete their coursework. Academic Alert tools will catch students who are struggling so you can get them help in time.


Multi platform ready!
Mobile device rady!


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