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Tracker Support
Campuscruisers’ easy-to-use Tracker system is your go-to tool when communicating with our support team 24/7. Tracker helps you to keep tabs on these tasks with features such as Watchlist, Filters, and Lookup so you never lose track. For the latest updates, newest elements, and product advancements, Tracker's Release Notes will keep you informed when changes are coming.
Complementary Webinars
We offer complimentary webinars to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments as well as providing tutorials into how best to use our tools. The webinars are categorized showing multiple tracks to meet your needs based on the CampusCruiser products your school is using.
Cruiser Central

Cruiser Central

Come connect with peers, view tutorials, ask a question or help someone else. Our online communities allow faculty, staff and students to interact both academically and personally. There's a diverse selection of communities to join. Your online learning community allows you to connect with other CampusCruiser educators, students, and communities to find best practices and share ideas.

Student Central

A community hub for students to connect and interact. Provides resources for students using CC products as well as for networking and collaborating. Teaches Student Central basics and introduces features and what it has to offer.
Website Support
CampusCruiser provides 24/7/365 support to your organization's software administrators. Our support personnel are reachable by phone, email and Tracker (included ticket system allowing our clients to track the status of their support requests) during business hours and for emergency response during non-business hours.
CampusCruiser training and implementation consultants are experienced Cruiser administrators and project managers who work with your institution's leadership, key decision makers and implementation team to ensure the solution's best adoption success. Implementations are customized for each client based on their needs. They start with a series of online meetings to help your implementation team understand the process and determine key initiatives for success.
Here's a glimpse into the process:
Process diagram
  • Identify Stakeholders, Objectives, and Success Markers
  • Discuss current and future integrations
  • Marketing and communications
  • Plan content conversion
  • Branding & Tool Placement
  • Navigational customization
  • Transition Planning
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Community-building and continuity
  • Hands-on training for various constituents