Message from Anthony and James

Here at Campuscruiser, cloud-based technology is only one of our passions.

Our team, like the products they make, is as diverse as it is versatile. Together, we are excited to be shaping education of the 21st century.

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"We love all the possibilities of bringing together communities and institutions. When students succeed, we are inspired."

Our History

Since 1999 Campuscruiser has been a pioneer of cloud-based technologies. Since our earliest roots as a close partner of Colleague, we at Campus Cruiser have been pioneers of cloud-based technologies. Over twenty years, our offerings have evolved from email and calendars to industry leading intranets and learning management solutions.

Given our close ties with Ellucian we have always had an enlightened view of higher education. We know the challenges that schools face--be they private schools, state sized institutions, or community colleges.

We pride ourselves on how we build and maintain relationships with schools. Starting from assessment, through implementation, and support, we consider all of our customers' needs and how best to serve them. As our customers grow, our vision grows with them.

Our Team