Strata is a unique, cloud-based modern Intranet designed to increase connectivity within an organization. Strata is your district, campus, or department hub, bringing you all the personal tools that foster community and collaboration between: students, parents, alumni, teachers, and administrators. Strata supports education by offering a single, powerful platform, virtually enhancing every aspect of the K-12 and college experience. Strata’s single, secure platform keeps everyone informed and connected.

Your Strata should be as robust as the best websites out there--enabling a seamless, intuitive user experience.


Knosys is your complete teaching, learning and classroom solution. Turn any cluttered process into a lean, efficient and organized training experience. Once you create an online course, it is easy to adapt and update, so the same material can be used repeatedly over time. With multiple options for delivering, designing, and evaluating an online curriculum, any school can benefit and be successful from implementing Knosys.
'Now I can access not just my classes,
but my entire school on STRATA.'